We live in a complex world.

A world made information overload, virtual realities, fake news, problems, overwhelm, dissatisfactions and stress.

How, then, do you love life and get the most out of it? How to find and recognize truth in the post-truth world?

Simplification is the answer, and this book, my friend, is your opportunity to find out.

If you are curious about getting better results with the things that truly matter in life – the important things with a lasting impact – as opposed to dealing with the urgent all the time, then this is for you.

An inspirational train ride like no other you have experienced.

A short and easy-to-read book that will change you, and others, in ways you never expected.


You can read this book in about an hour.

Think about that. One hour to change the way you live your life forever.

“Serves as an example of what’s possible when you put your all into something and make it remarkable. Above average. Glaringly insightful. Beat’s insights come from a lifetime of earned wisdom through mistakes, setbacks, growth, and taking action. He has something important to show you that will help you on your less-than-straight path to success!” – Jack Humphrey

“Fascinating little book that is easy to read and packed with a tremendous amount of information … gets you moving rather then “thinking” about moving … a refreshing change from so many of the “self help” books available today … challenges us to take action instead of concerning yourself about what is “not” happening … Very creative and nicely done!” – Carl Bozeman


Hi, I’m Beat Schindler.

I’m a simplification strategist, and the creator of Last Train To Simple (the book), the Simple Method, and the Simple Alphabet.

I help people to stop guessing and start doing the right things. We spend a lot of time doing busy work, ticking off as many boxes as possible. My goal is to help you check off the right boxes, and to move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Not just temporarily, but for the rest of your life.

I’m passionate about simplification. It is the ultimate productivity booster – the secret to getting more of the right things done.